1 bedroom condo 렌트 takeover 합니다.

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1 Bedroom condo for rent (take over lease); lease end 2022.

- Building was built in January 2020. - 2 underground parking lots included. - 2 pets fee included. - Heat and Water included. - Air conditional included. - Smart Thermostat included. - Keyless entry. - Two elevators in the building. - Top floor unit

If someone willing to take over lease by March31st, April 30th or May 31st, 2021 I will leave: - two years old loft (JYSK): original price is $750 - one outdoor table with two chairs - a year old bedframe (JYSK) FOR FREE!!!!!

Quiet and nice place to live in with pets. Original price for condo is only $1140: - $90 per stall - $30 pet pet

If anyone wants to move in by April, I am willing to pay full April rent for you. Contract suppose to end by May 31st 2022.

Contact me to see home by person; not virtually.


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